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About College Infrastructure

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The college has got excellent infrastructure to provide quality education. Spacious rooms with modern furniture and audio visual aid are available for attentive classes. The Laboratories are well equipped and modern facilities are provided. The College is functioning in the form of networked office administration with the help of online information system.

  • Infrastructure







  • Land

Land Area in Sq. Mt.                                                              : 3014.15 Sq. Mt.

Whether the Titles of the land is on Ownership basis            : Yes

Land Use Certificate obtained for Educational Institution     : Yes


  • Building

Total Area                                                       : 3014.15 Sq. Mt.

Total Built up Area                                         :  4082.60 Sq. Mt.

Construction of the building is complete       : Yes

Building is fire safety-proof                           : Yes

Building is disabled friendly                          : Yes

Common room for boys/girls available         : Yes


  • Library

Books are life blood of any educational system. They are treasure of knowledge and must be use effectively. The college library has adequate no. of books, Journal (Indian & Foreign), Supplements & other learning material for students. The books are available as per NCTE Norms, Internet Connectivity and online information sources are also available. There is separate reading room for students and faculty members. Xerox machines & Computers are available in library for students use. Library timing & its function is totally guided by the rules & regulation of the librarian.


  • Total Collections as on 09/09/2019


Total Number of Books                                              : 5094

Total Number of Reference Book                              : 350

Total Number of Educational journals                       : 150

Total Set of Encyclopedia                                          : 15

Total seating capacity in the library                           : 100

Total Number Titles                                                   : 1800

Total Number Reference Titles                                  : 150

Indian Journal Subscribed                                          : 10

Periodical Subscribed                                                 : 03

Book Bank

B.Ed. Text Book                                                         : 52

School Text Book                                                       : 342


Hindi (Hindustan, Danik Bhaskar & Danik Jagran)  : 03

English (The Times of India)                                     : 01

Computer with Internet Connection                           : 01

Printer                                                                         : 01

Photocopier (Print Xerox)                                          : 01

Wi-Fi connection                                                        : Yes