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 From The Desk of Secretory

The advanced the idea that power at the down of civitization resided in the "Muscte" power then got associated with money and in 21th  century it shifted its focus to 'Mind". Thus to shift from physical power to wealth power to mind power is an evolution in the shifting foundations of economy.This shifted support the observation of itsetf is power stressing the some pointanduphotdlng,the supremacy of mind power in his characterstic expression, Winston Churchill said, the empires of the" future" shall be empires of the mind. Thus he corroborated Backup and professed the emergence of the knowtedge society. ln any academic lnstitution the quatity of faculty is the most important to achieve the above mission. At Raghunadan Teachers' Training College we pride ourselves in having most talented and dedicated faculty team.

Overall our faculty team which endeavors to shape the personality of the students in a way, which enables them to shape their own future. Now remember that if the teachers of any nation occupy

the status of grade Aautomatically the nation will occupy the position grade A in the world.